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Welcome to the new IHG
Rewarding Meetings Promotion



The more meetings you book - the more rewards you receive!


Booking business meetings has never been so rewarding.

With the new IHG Rewarding Meetings promotion, you can earn a choice of great gifts when you book meetings here at (insert hotel name)

And remember, the more meetings you book, the more rewards you receive.


Earn a great gift in five easy steps


  • Register your details and choose your gift from our huge selection

Click here to register for Rewarding Meetings.

  • Quote your personal participation code when booking your meetings with the hotels (this will be supplied when you register)
  • If booking a meeting in the UK record the revenue of your meeting in the ‘add meetings’ section of the website. You will receive a confirmation email from the hotel once the meeting has been approved, so make sure to regularly login to the website to see how close you are to your chosen reward.
  • If booking a meeting in Europe (excluding the UK) your activity will be logged for you by the hotel directly. You will receive an email to confirm when your account has been updated.
  • Once you have held meetings to the value of your chosen gift, you can choose to receive your gift, or choose a different gift, the choice is yours.

And the really good news is that once you redeem your first gift you can choose another. In fact you can choose up to 3 gifts in total, one from each of the reward tiers.


New promotion. New rewards.


Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones or iPod-Dockingstation 



Nike+ FuelBand, Apple TV or Sony MHS Bloggie Camcorder


Nespresso U, Kindle Fire or iPad Mini